About us

In the year 2000, the sisters of Mary Immaculate of Nyeri were invited by the Catholic Bishop of Maralal to serve the people of Suguta-Marmar in Samburu county. One late evening in the year 2002, two young girls showed up at sisters’ convent escaping forced marriage. They expressed the need for protection and support and wish to continue with education. This is how the rescue centre was founded. Over the years girls who have experienced harmful cultural practices such as early forced marriages and female genital mutilation show up regularly in search of protection and support. In some cases, family members help girls escape the harmful cultural practices and bring them to the safety of the Rescue Centre for protection. In other instances, community leaders such as chiefs, police officers, religious leaders and other government officers bring the girls to the centre.

Since its inception in 2002 more than 450 girls have passed through the centre. Some have become trained in the professional careers and come back to serve the community as teachers, police officers, and other running private business enterprises. Currently, the centre has capacity for 120 girls. All girls are registered in schools within the country and in the Mary Immaculate network of schools and colleges.

What We Do

We provide a safe home for girls who have experience sexual and gender- based violence to exhale, recover and begin the healing journey towards becoming.
We support holistic growth of the girl child (intellectual, cultural, psychological, spiritual, and physical) and provide tools for self-empowerment and self-discovery.
We safeguard and support children rights, and reproductive and psychological health of women and girls.
We create awareness to harmful cultural practices and partner with other to eradicate them in the community.